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I have been blessed to meet many fine performing artists. A handful of these have impressed me with a special quality beyond talent and beyond personality. This handful possess a quality which I can only call spiritual. They have the ability to inspire others, in person as much as in performance. In some mysterious way, they make you feel better for having met them. Such is the Cuban lyric soprano, Jennie Dapello.

Staying true to her classical roots, the vocalist Jennie Dapello, a passionate admirer of Giacomo Puccini and the theatrical Romantic Era, has successfully proven her talent and versatility with the independent releases of her albums, “Revelacion” and “Through The Candlelight”. Having faced the challenges of creative song-writing and amalgamating two music genres with “Te Amare”, she manages to add and deliver a brilliant repertoire of classically-infused pop ballads.

“This album is really organic. The songs are timeless, the production is honest and the performance is classic,” explains Jennie. “Through pop music I am discovering a different voice,” she adds.

Like so many gifted artists, her journey began early in life when her parents enrolled her in piano lessons at age five. While cultivating this art, she became inspired by the great American soprano, Maria Callas for her bel canto technique, the astounding Peruvian soprano Yma Sumac for her unique and extreme vocal range of over five octaves and the magical and exquisite Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu, and in time discovered her own extraordinary voice.
“I still invest in my instrument. Some people think it comes easily and that you can just roll out of bed in the morning and sing as though it is second nature,” says Jennie who humbly downplays her musical prowess.

As a rising vocalist, she has already attained a loyal fan base through her superb voice, ability to sing in a multitude of languages as well as her expertise in classical music and other musical genre performances. Earlier in her career in her native Cuba, she was chosen to play the lead roles of the Cuban zarzuelas, in particular Cecilia Valdés, María la O and Rosa la china. Her rendition of Cecilia’s salida “Si, yo soy Cecilia Valdés” certainly paved the path towards performing the roles as ensembles with the National Band of Cuba.

Her musical interpretations of classical, pop-opera, jazz, pop and traditional Latinamerican folklore have branded her as a multi-faceted entertainer. Other than private functions and community events, the versatile vocalist has also performed and entertained distinguished diplomatic mission representatives in Toronto and Canadian Federal and Provincial dignitaries.

Jennie is committed to staying the course by continuing to create her own music, reaching new limits and breaching musical boundaries previously untouched, “I want to continue my own creative journey and share my music, an integral part of my life.”




Martha Mazzoleni


Paraguayan Harp 



"This is an offering to life with the voices born and beating in my heart."

With Latin-styled influences and up-beat rhythms, Jennie Dapello tells of her life revelations through her lyrical poetry and above all the spirit of her voice.


Through the Candlelight




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